julio 27, 2012


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Male, 48 Years Old 
From New York, NY

Let me tell you a little bit about my self . I am ASIA by nationality, but had most of basic education here in the state,because i was raised here .. I am an independent man who is okay being single but knows how much better life can be when it's shared with someone special. I am lovely-sincere, fun to be around,passionate/sensual and uninhibited with the right woman. I have been told my best qualities are my compassion, sense of humor (find it everywhere and quick to laugh), and warm personality. I am an open-minded person who tries not to judge others by my standards....the kind of person you can count on,dependable, true to my word and a loyal friend to those I love. And, I tend to be "young at heart" appreciating and enjoying life's simple pleasures that come our way everyday. For whatever reason, people seem to be comfortable and quickly at ease in my company. Maybe it's because I'm unpretentious, sensitive to others who I treat with respect and dignity, and down-to-earth with a good sense of humility. I believe in romance, honesty and looking for the best qualities in anyone I get to know, understanding that nobody is perfect...especially me. I've made more than my share of mistakes but I've always tried to learn from them and I constantly strive to be a better person. I've had serious relationship that unfortunately didn't work out but still feel hopeful that someone special will again come into my life. I'm attracted to good man who are well-groomed, in good shape, relatively intelligent and mature, with a sense of humor and a good heart. Someone who chooses to experience life rather than rush through it. I tend to like women who are shorter than i am don't know why, it just feels right,,and I'm [ 6ft2 ] . I consider myself lucky to be in good health, to have a nice home and to be in a career that I enjoy. I have a good life and I'm grateful. Now all I can ask is to hopefully find a great woman to share it with,guess i have nothing to say for now,will tell you more only if you care to ask. Chat with me on this yahoo IMstevennewsome52@yahoo.com..TXT me on (646) 493-3471


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I like that i will like to be ur friend 
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  1. Hey that's me in the photo and you guys make it sound like its my fault. The real me is in California all others are fakes. I'm blocking access to all my photos and watermarking the rest.