mayo 28, 2012

the man in the picture is MIKE MOTRICI

on netlog:

  away   male - 51 years

About me

I am a person that has tried many things in my life. I would describe myself as someone with numerous life
experiences, confident, ambitious, energetic, relaxed, reliable, excellent communicator great sense of humour. I am a passionate guy for acting, drama, extraand falling in love etc. I will not be the best person looking but I love with passion and I gave 100% love.
Thank you

More about me
dean william james
Date of birth
Native language
Looking for

I know you don't know single and I really need someone to love okay...that's why I wanna be your friend..

Today 08:57
Hi I sent you a message to your mail... Am asking if you got it...

hes also on facebook


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Date: Mon, 28 May 2012 01:36:36 -0700 (PDT)
From: William james Dean <>

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Originating ISP: Research In Motion Uk Limited (blackberry)
City: n/a
Country of Origin: United Kingdom


It’s nice and Pleasure writing you to your box, i believe this a Blessing to me to get a mail from an Angel. Hum... and am Happy that I can also find someone with a Good heart and intentions like you, well good that you can read and Understand me, though i am a Gentle man with good heart and intentions,i really do believe in Trust, Honesty,understanding and Love are needed in a relationship and are very crucial without all these, there is no relationship and i hope you agree with me.

Well with the way i found your mail, i believe you have all this in you and will be so Much Happy to get to know you more Deeply, because it’s rare to find someone with good heart like you, though I can see your picture deeply on the site but i will be more Happy if you can send me more of your Picture, i will also be sending you me, i think that will
be in the next mail. I believe things could work out someday for us with time and God, i also believe you are a God sent to me and i am also a God Sent to you, I will call myself New on the internet because don’t have much time of coming here but when i saw your Profile its Attract me and i really feel like getting to write you. It was really outstanding and just couldn’t leave without dropping a line...

I am going to use this opportunity and keep my time to tell you things about me... I am Dean William James..., I'm 52yrs old, I am 5.9 ft.tall, residing in Washington. Am single, with no kid. I divorced with my wife because she is not a good responsible woman and she doesn’t care for me and this really hurt me so much.

Since then, i haven’t found a good woman. I believe i have to continue my life and also make myself happy...........

I will be waiting for your reply........

Hello am william....from netlog
You gave me your mail on netlog.. Also I have attached my mail to you okay...

Please mail me back okay....

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