marzo 25, 2012

mark smith;

Member Since: Mar 28, 2009

Gender: Male
Age: 39
Relationship Status: Single
Interested In: Serious Relationship
Languages: English
Ethnicity: Black/African, Native American
Religion: Christian
Orientation: Straight

i had recived a message from him:

Hello dear,
how are you doing? am new to this dating thing, a friend made it out of this website and they are living very happy now, At first i don't agree that this online dating thing can give someone a happy family like that of my friend, now i know that it can, so i was just looking at the site when i came across your pics and profile and i was kind of interested in knowing you more, so i try to contact you but i was told that i will have to join the site as a member before i can contact you, and i really want to get to talk to you that is why i join the can contact me on this address : or better still add me on your messenger list. thanks

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