abril 05, 2012

Harry James; harry_james147@yahoo.com

- 50 y/o male
- English, French, Spanish
- Have no children

Im a GUY who sometime is a little bit shy lol. I love life in all its positive ways and dislike negative things but can deal with them. Not an emotional cripple, as some of you LADIES are scared of getting lumbered with. But a masculine bloke, sensitive, emotionally healthy, without agendas or nasty darknesses hiding in corners for you yet to discover. I Like watching football games especially that of Arsenal(Thats is English Football), love travelling, eating in fine restaurants most times when i am at lunch. i love Hanging out with friends. i dont too much go clubing and partying. I love sitting at the balkonni watching the world pass by every night fall .

Ideal match description:
I'm looking for a confident, strong caring LADY sensitive side and who is happy in her own skin. I'd like to meet someone who is romantic but not slushy, considerate without being patronising, and passionate about the things she enjoys. If there is Anything else you want to know feel free to contact
Hello Damsel or should i say Golden Pearl,how are you doing today?,i just went through your profile and i must admit that I like what I just read.I wouldn't mind getting to know you alot more better than this,Just in case you are interested in knowing me,send me a mail either via this box or if you want to be more personal,you can aswellsend it to my email account which is ( harry_james147@yaho o.com.)I await your response.So,by the way,what makes you tick?so whats makes you a real lady?,and how is life treating you overthere ?.James Harry..

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Date: Wed, 4 Apr 2012 08:47:42 -0700 (PDT)
From: Harry James
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Hey,Glad that you could mail me back.I kind of felt that I was being too direct(orshould I say too forward?).Anyways,your mail was really nice and i like the idea that you are willing toget to know me too. I guess I will fill you in on a little about myself.......Iwas born in New York City(Brooklyn) to be exact,But i currently live in theBevery Hills, my parents and i moved to Africa(south Africa to be exact) when i was 15yrs old,All becos he wanted to know about More Culture and wooden business,and since then i have loved travelling around alot.My dad and mum deals in ARTCRAFT, After my dad's death,he passed the baton onto my mum.Now,my mum haspassed it onto me.becos She is getting older and she is semi retired.The job involves alot of travelling becos of most of our client (customer)where we take there requested goods to but I am not complaining anyway.Becos thecompany now belongs to me so i have to run it the way my Dad runned ithimself.And becos i also love travelling anyways.I don't know if this will scare you away but I am an Arsenal Fan(Gunners for life!)cos i am a soccer frick.I also lovemusic(anything goes for me!)especially reggae Will stop there for now.Try andmail me about yourself too.I would prefer it if you could mail me directly via my emailaddress.(harry_james147@yahoo.com)Take care and mail as soon as you can....Kiss Kiss Kiss.......Harry James.

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